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We make money from food and beer…and then give it away. It’s that simple. After covering our costs and building a small reserve fund, we distribute all of our net profits evenly amongst our partner organizations. Once we’ve reached our commitment to our partners we’ll reassess and add new ones. So, when you drink from our taps

or eat from our kitchen, you’re helping us help others. We are passionate about social justice and helping others, both locally and globally. We seek to partner with organizations doing good work and doing it well. We see these great organizations spending time seeking funds and we want to be a fundraising tool for them.

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Beer is why we got into this business in the first place, obviously. We’ll be brewing a wide variety of beer styles and flavors, focusing on quality ingredients and the mad science that it takes to make not good, but great beer. Look for seasonal releases in addition to our

core lineup, as well as barrel aged and sour beers. We recently started bottling special release beers, with cans coming later this year. Look for us on draft around Portland at tap houses and restaurants near you.

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Joel Brewery

Brewing great beer blends art and science. We exist to blend fine craft beer with positive social change. Ex Novo translates as “from scratch” and we’ve been hard at work building a 10-barrel non-profit brewery from the ground up. That’s right, we said non-profit. Don’t

get us wrong, we aren’t opposed to making money. On the contrary, we want to make money, so we can give it away. We are committed to donating 100% of our net profits to organizations that are making a positive social change locally and around the world.

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