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We are committed to the inherent qualities within each unroasted coffee. We strive to compose beautiful roast profiles that highlight the tremendous work that has been performed by the coffee producers each harvest. We never blend coffees and whenever possible we name them after the farmers who grow them. We are constantly tasting, documenting, and reevaluating our profiles to ensure that we enable individual coffees to shine.

At Coava’s core is the desire to share the delicious coffees that we are excited about. We never dreamed that the pursuit of such a simple goal would surround us with all of the incredible people that make up the Coava family. From our shop’s dedicated regulars to coffee lovers around the globe, we enjoy coffee together. We’ve danced and celebrated, barbequed and tinkered, but also dug in deep and supported one another.

A Look Inside the Creative

Coava began in Matt Higgins’ garage in 2008. The veteran barista and roaster bootstrapped the company by repairing motorcycles. His ambitions were to one day roast and prepare coffees that would be exciting for baristas and inviting to everyday drinkers. To do this, Matt knew that sourcing excellent “coava” would have to be the

anchor of everything he did. With great coffees in hand, Coava began sharing them through a handful of Pacific Northwest coffeehouses. These early believers led the way for Coava to open our brew bar and roastery in southeast Portland in 2010. We are indebted to and thankful for their support on this journey.

His Work

Coava travels the world in pursuit of coffees with the highest quality, complexity, and balance. We take an exhaustive hands-on approach to coffee as an agricultural process. Dedicating ourselves to learning about soil conditions, sustainable farming practices, varietal mutations, and plant diseases are only a few of the areas of specialty that have helped us source outstanding coffees.

We use our resources to build better processing facilities, introduce the best preservation practices, and spotlight individual farmers. We also collaborate with coffee mills to buy a farmer’s full harvest. This stands in opposition to the common practice of only purchasing parts of the harvest and leaving the farmer with the harder-to-sell remnants.

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