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Brew Dr. Kombucha has been craft brewed in Portland, Oregon since early 2009. Each flavor is 100% raw and made from a natural fermentation of Townshend’s high-quality organic teas, organic medicinal herbs, and organic sugar. We are committed to making the best possible raw kombucha available and will

not compromise this promise by using lesser teas or ingredients. We believe in having as little impact on our natural environment as possible. We hope you’ll agree that a bottle of Brew Dr. Kombucha leaves its drinker with a natural sense of well-being and health.

A Look Inside the Creative

Brew Dr. is available on tap in bottles at any of our Townshend’s Teahouses as well as select grocery stores (including Whole Foods Markets and Safeway), markets and cafés across the U.S. and Canada. Our flavors are completely the product of what we do on the front-end of the brewing process. We have fine-tuned our recipes of high-quality organic teas, herbs, and dried fruits that are steeped together to make our flavor profiles. No altering is done after the fermentation is complete, making our kombucha truly 100% raw. It would be easier 

to make a large batch of ‘plain’ kombucha with a cheap tea and then flavor it after with juices or other flavoring agents, but we’re tea people and we believe in the art behind the flavor. Townshend’s Brew Dr. Kombucha is 100% raw. We wouldn’t dream of pasteurizing all of those wonderful probiotics and digestive enzymes. Although tea leaves are heated to stop the oxidation process, the living cultures introduced to kombucha digest the heated tea and the finished product is considered raw once again.

His Work

We are to the point where we need another facility, this time 50,000 square feet or larger. There is little to no inventory of buildings that size in the city. Portland is an amazing city to start a brand and grow it, but when it is time to take the next big step companies like mine have to look a little further away for adequate production space. I’d love to see city officials find an under-utilized area within the city limits and push to 

have it developed into an industrial zone where locally-grown companies could expand, applying criteria like having roots in Portland and adhering to a sustainability program in production methods. At this point we are focused on scaling what we do to achieve a national footing. For now, Thomas is excited about this next level for the kombucha side of the business. Expect to see Brew Dr. Kombucha popping up in more and more retailers in more and more cities.

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